Disaster Island == Disaster Island like Surival is a episodic adventure but this time with Non Members Demo

Tour Guide Part 1 Volcanic IslandEdit

You are invited to go on the Disaster Helping Incorooporation the first thing you must to do is Stop a Volcano on a Island will you stop it before its too late?

 Part 1 Volcanic IslandEdit

Go to the left on Tetris Arcade Room you will see  Addison trapped on a gigant claw machine ask Game Guy if he can give you a coin he will say yes and you will able to play on a gigant claw machine  grab Addison. Addison will give you thanks and he will say that you are perfect for go on DHI.Go left to DHI and talk to Johnn he will give you a Anti Fire Costume and the acess to a  boat.This finish Non Members Demo.

Now you can take a boat and go to the first and only island meanwhile you can go Volcanic Island go to the left and you will find a phone.Phone home is Johnn Phone equally he will let you have it and he will say that found that this volcano calms with water go to the left on the Techno  Shop And buy a pail now use this for have some water.Now Put the Anti Fire Costume and go up the Volcano throw the water and you will finish first part and get a Medalion and 50 Credits

Tour Guide Part 2 The Two Brothers and The EarthquakeEdit

After you save Volcanic,two new brothers come to the DHI with awesome stuff this time.You ,Amanda and Bill will you stop the Earthquake?