This island is made by Pikachu4807, please refrain from editing.

Part 1: The Wake UpEdit

You arrive on the island, but as you begin to notice, it's a town that you've already been to, Hemlock! But, this town is completely deserted, and you start to see poptropicans running from a monster in the sky! It's no ghost, it's a demon! You're then knocked out and the screen goes black, but don't stop there...... you wake up to a small house, and a man in a lab coat greets you. Saying that he's been trying to stop the demons for many years, he reveal's to you a machine that can take you to other worlds! The man shakes your hand and adresses himself as Peter Rhea, a warlock of Hemlock. The two of you then set off on your journey to stop the demons!

Part 2: The DiscoveryEdit

You soon discover that this isn't the Hemlock you're used to, everyone around you is using magic! A goat soon runs by you and Peter as you're walking, and some other kids run past you moments later. Peter laughs and continues walking into a dark alley. You claim that it might be dangerous, but Peter claims that you're safe, for now. He gives you a syringe filled with a strange liquid and tells you to use it when needed. Soon, the two of you find a demon!

Boss Battle:Edit

The demon you are facing is bulky and it cannot fly, so rely on jumping on it's head to defeat it. While demon's can't normally 'die', they're merely transported to their former dimension. So, try everything you can to defeat it! Afterwards, Peter slowly claps and leads you away from the mess you made. 

Part 3: The PortalEdit

You head down a street to find three boys, laughing and shooting magic at you! One of the boys grabs Peter and slams him into the ground into a dark hole. The three then exclaim that you're in trouble with them, and they try and zap you with magic! Suddenly, a blur knocks the three out. You wonder what that was for a moment. Now you have to find Peter before you get into even more trouble.