Incredible Lizard is the lead protagonist of Poptropica. He made his debut in early Poptropica and has appeared in every island ever since. He is a fourteen year old african american male who ages every year. This makes his his Time Tangled future self sixty four years old and aging. His latest appearance is in the latest island. He has also met every island character whether they good bad neutral or minor.


Incredible Lizard is always seen wearing clothes on him no matter what. His clothing is a blue costume with a superhero belt cape hat and mask (to hide identity) all from Super Power Island the fifth Poptropica Island. He can sometimes very rarley though switch is appearance. Also his height is unknown though.


Incredible Lizard is able to solve the situation in any island he has clothing and loves games. However like every Poptropican character Incredible Lizard is unbale to speak on his own. Like most of the Poptropicans Incredible Lizard strives to do good in Poptropica. However he can do ba if tempted tricked or forced to do evil. He also has many allies from different island and many enemies from different islands mainly Main Antagonists secondary antagonists or Reality Tv characters. His main rival is Dr. D