Go in the Food Store and talk to the man, he will say taxes are rising too high.

Go to Tax Street, pick up the ticket and use it on the scanner, you will be knocked out and woken up in a jail.

Escape and avoid all the cops, then grab on a car, you will be in the Food Store.

Ask the Manager for Tax Clothes, you need a ticket, go to the College and ask the boy for his ticket.

He will give it to you if you beat him in Boxing, use the ticket on Tax Street to enter.

Go in the Pharmacy and crawl through the vent, ask the man why taxes are rising.

He will say his boss is collecting money to end the ability of making new islands.

Go and confront the boss, he will say Catch me first.

He will escape, grab X-Ray goggles and look through the sewer in Main Street, he is in there but how.

Go to the College and get the tool kit. Use it to go in the sewer, chase him, he will escape in his plane.

Go in a plane and chase him.

If you get him he will say he will stop tax risings.

Bonus Quest

The manager will say money is not getting printed and shops are losing bussiness.

Go to PrintFax and set up the machine, grab all the Dollar bills and put them in the machine.

Now put them in the copyier and send them to the goverement for more print.